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Polyxyethylene Glycol, Core chemical PEG;PEG 200,PEG300, PEG400, 323

  • Model No.:CORE PEG
  • Made In:Taiwan
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  • Style:Liquid Coating
  • Use:Appliance Paint,Boat Paint,Building Coating,Car Paint,Electrical Insulating Varnish,Furniture Paint,Paper Coating,Plastic Coating,Road Marking Paint,Rubber Coating

Key Features

 Polyoxyethylene Glycol; CORE Chemical PEG 

 ;:Core PEG 200S 

Application : 1.Softening agent for txtile 2.Dyeing Auxiliary 3.Antistatic agent. Core PEG 300S Appliction : 1. :As an Softening agent; 2 :.As an Dyeing auxiliary; 3.:As extenal antistatic agent. 4.As Solvent; 5.As Heating Medium; 6.As an Intermediate for Chemical Synthesis 7.Preserving Humidity for cosmetics 8.Gelling agent for personal care

Core PEG 400S

 Application : 1.Wetting agent 2.base for ointment; Tablet coating 3.Lubricant and mold releasing agent 4.Cream; Lotion; Lipstick 5.Softening; Dyeing; Antistatic agent 6.Polyurethane synthetic material; PEG,Liquid type PEG 7.As Solvent; 8.As Heating Medium; 9.As an Intermediate for Chemical Synthesis 10.Preserving Humidity for cosmetics 11.Gelling agent for personal care.

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