Polyethylene Glycol: Surfactant & PU Membrane

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We are a supplier of PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) as PU membranes used as. Core Chemical Inc. as a trusted chemical supplier, we provide a wide range of chemical products for multiple use scenarios

Polyoxyethylene Glycol  ;CORE CHEMICAL PEG 

 Core PEG 

Widely used in cosmetics, chemical fiber,glass fiber ; rubber, plastics, paper, paint, electroplating, pesticides, metal processing bioengineering  processing industries.


1.Carrier for enzyme detergent;

2. Intermediate for chemical synthesis;

3.Preparing water base ointment for cosmetics;

4.Gelling agent for cosmetics;

5.External antistatic;

6.PU membrane

7. Excellent lubricity,

8. Moisturizing,

9. Dispersibility, adhesive,

10. Antistatic agents and softeners,

11. polyurethane in membrane 

12. Sizing agent :

Sizing agent is applied to the Glass fibers to reduce the heat and friction during the high speed spinning process. Also prevent the breaking and buzz of the Glass Fiber.
The composition of sizing agent is mainly film former, lubricant, anti-static agent, emulsifier. Besides mixing with the sizing agent, surfactants are added to the further process to act as smoothing agent & softener.

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