CORE M-202; Core chemical cement additive

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CORE M-202
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MADE IN TAIWAN ;Cement additive, waterproof

Key Features

CORE M-202  is  Acrylic resin system  base major for cement/ mortar  compound to increasing strengthen of cement / mortar.

CORE M-202  is specially designed for cement modification waterproofing, new an dold concrete bonding and transparant water proofing.

Advantage :
1.Good compatibility with cement mortar.  It's adequate for new and old mortar bonding. Underpainting and bonding for self-leveling mortar, resin-boned mortar and non-shrink mortar.
2. Excellent water resistance, good flexural strength, good compressive strength, wear resistance.
3.Water-base, non solvent odor and toxic.
4.Excellent adhesive strength for smooth surface.
5.Increasing plastic of concrete, non bolection, flaking free.
6.With superior resistance to water, directly applied for external walls wterproffing.
7.Restraning vapor of underground water to ascend. Installation as Exposy anti-damping layer is available.

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