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Ammonium sulfate agricultural fertilizer  supply by Core Chemical Inc.. Contact us today to get a custom quote or to learn more about our other products.

Agricultural Fertilizer Ammonium Sulfate Supplier

Core Chemical Professional supplier of agricultural fertilizer ammonium sulfate. We deliver our products to many nations including  Mauritius, Australia, India, Japan,  Canada, and others. Commence using our items please contact us.

Founded in 2005, Core is regarded as one of the leading supplier of agricultural fertilizer  ammonium sulfate in Taiwan. The agricultural fertilizer ammonium sulfate is commonly used as a soil fertilizer. It reduces the soil PH. Looking for the best among global supplier ? Contact us right away.

Ammonium sulfate:


Applications :

1.It can be reacted with salt to produce ammonium chloride,

2.and it reacts with aluminum sulfate to produce ammonium alum, which is used together with boric acid to make refractory materials.

3.Adding electroplating solution can increase the conductivity.

4.It is also a catalyst for food paste color,

5.a nitrogen source for cultivating yeasts in the production of fresh yeast,

6.an acid dye assisting agent in textil ,

7.a leather deashing agent.

8.It is also used in beer brewing,

9. chemical reagents and battery production.

10.There is also an important role is to extract rare earth, mining ammonium sulfate as raw material,


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