Acrylic for Automotive Paint

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    Acrylic for Automotive Paint


    • Style:Liquid Coating
    • Use:Car Paint,Plastic Coating

    Key Features

    Acrylic Polyol For 2KPU; Acrylic for Automotive Paint

    A. Introduction UR-506D

    1.which has fast drying

    2. can be wet on wet and recoatable

    3 good in solvent resistance

    4.excellent in Al orientation and pigment dispersion

    5.suitable use as metallic paint and color paint for 2KPU on ABS。


    B. Properties

    2.1 Excellent adhesion to ABS and recoatable

    2.2 Fast Drying and can be wet on wet。

    2.3 Hardness and solvent resistance

    2.4 Excellent AL orientation and pigment dispersion

    2.5 Long potlife

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    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
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