Acrylic Emulsion For Elastic Paint

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    Acrylic Emulsion For Elastic Paint


    • Style:Liquid Coating
    • Use:Building Coating

    Key Features

    Acrylic Emulsion For Elastic Paint;

    A. Introduction

    AE-300 is the emulsion co-polymer resin of acrylate and styrene, which has small particle size,excellent penetration ,good alkali resistance,use as putty、elastic paint and primer 。

    B. Specification ITEMS       VALUE

    PH Value     8.5 ~ 9.5 

    Solid content    48 ± 1 %   

    Viscosity     < 8000 cps (NO.4,60 rpm)           (Brook field,#3,30RPM,25℃)

    MFT         5 ~ 7℃ Alkali Resist       Good

    Appearance       Transparently Milky White

    C. Application

    C.1 As Putty,Elastic Paint and transparent primer。

    C.2 After diluted by adding water,can be directly brushed on the top of cement floor,then it will penetrated to the inside of cement layer。

    C.3 AE-300 as primer,it can bound up the chalking or falling sand,besides it also and less down the penetration of 。

    C.4 For the irregular cement surface,by adding double of water to brush, or for regular surface, need to make it in irregular surface before brushed。

    C.5 If for regular surface need to apply directly,by adding 2 ~ 3 times of water to AE-300, and as primer。

    C.6 After brushing there will form a thin film layer but it won't affect the adhesion properties

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